• Emergency Egress

    • LEMX-Series

      Available in emergency signage, combo signage with LED heads, or the multi-functional fully adjustable emergency light.

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  • General Purpose Strip  

    • Juno-II Series

      Designed with simplicity in mind, simply plug it in and adjust the 3-CCTselect as desired.

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    • Vanguard-Series

      Elevated versatility, easy access to installation cavities with integrated light emitting surface secured with aircraft cables, and field-adjustable 3-WATTselect & 3-CCTselect.

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  • High Bay | Linear  

    • Apollo-Series

      Replace traditional fluorescent or metal halide high bays with an emphasis on optimizing performance.

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    • Valkyrie-Series

      Engineered to replace traditional fluorescent or metal halide high-bays with an emphasis on optimizing performance in a compact configuration.

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    • Titan-II Series

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  • High Bay | Round  

    • Icarus-II Series

      Ultra-economy high bay with adjustable 3-WATTselect and 4-CCTselect. Featuring sensor port and EM driver options, enjoy maximum savings and performance with this cutting-edge model.

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    • Jupiter-I Series

      Featuring an isolated driver system and numerous accessories and mounting options. The CTS version features 3-WATTselect and 3-CCTselect.

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  • Retrofit | Linear Ambient

    • LLSR | selectⒶRCH

      The ideal retrofit kit for linear ambient low bay applications. Easy to install and compatible to industry standards w/ numerous options.

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  • Washdown

    • Eureka-Series

      The ultimate linear washdown fixture for hard-to-reach locations. Impact-resistant design makes it ideal for tight spots where replacing lighting is difficult.

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