• Area Luminaires

    • Plymouth-I Series

      Low-profile, durable die-cast aluminum design with versatile mounting. Industry-leading warranty and scalable lumen packages for outdoor lighting excellence.

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    • Plymouth-II Series

      High-performance outdoor LED light with durable design, multiple mounting options, and industry-leading warranty, catering to diverse lighting needs.

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    • Heritage-Series

      Low-profile, durable one-piece aluminum design is dual-selectable with state-of-the-art LED chips for exceptional photometric performance.

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    • Liberty-Series

      Durable outdoor luminaire blends modern design and powerful LED tech, seamlessly integrating with control systems for optimum reliability and adaptability.

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    • Rosetta-II Series

      Rugged LED luminaire, scalable lumens, dark sky optics, optional sensors. Guaranteed 10-year, 100,000-hour lifespan for durability and reliability.

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  • Canopy Luminaires

    • LCNP Navigator

      Illuminate effortlessly with a slim, durable LED Garage Canopy ideal for parking garages, gymnasiums, awnings, and security lighting.

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    • LCNP | Pathfinder

      Slim-profile LED Canopy with weather-sealed design for outdoor visibility. Versatile and ideal for security lighting in various commercial areas.

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  • Flood Luminaires

    • Everest-Series

      LED flood-light boasts an efficient, low-profile design, perfect for diverse outdoor spaces, including walkways, highways, and general lighting applications.

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    • Zion-Series

      LED flood-light boasts an efficient, low-profile design, perfect for diverse outdoor spaces, including walkways, highways, and general lighting applications.

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  • Sports Lights

    • LSPL | Radiator

      Advanced blind-radiator and reflector optics for glare reduction, ideal for security in outdoor spaces. Compact, modern design with a 7-year warranty.

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    • Illuminator-Series

      Powerful sports field lighting with adjustable design, advanced optics, up to 120,000 lumens, and a 7-year warranty for top performance.

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  • Wall | Classic

    • LWPE-Series

      Traditional LED wall mount with powerful illumination, easy installation, and dusk-to-dawn operation. Ideal for walkways, entryways, and security lighting.

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    • Sentinel-Series

      LWPF Sentinel LED Wall Pack: Boost energy efficiency, cut maintenance costs. Ideal for outdoor spaces, its robust design with die-cast aluminum housing and UV-stabilized glass ensures durability. Upgrade to LuxoⒶRCH for efficient and reliable lighting.

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    • Magnolia-Series

      LED wall pack with weather-resistant design, easy maintenance, and versatile lighting for optimal performance in various applications.

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    • Guardian-Series

      Classic LED wall mount featuring strong illumination, straightforward installation, and dusk-to-dawn functionality. Ideal for walkways, entry points, and security lighting.

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  • Wall | Full Cutoff

    • Watchtower-Series

      Efficient, cost-effective outdoor LED Wall Pack perfect for replacing metal halide fixtures. It enhances illumination, lowers maintenance, and saves energy.

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    • Anaheim-Series

      LED slim wall pack combines modern design, easy installation, and adjustable tilt for powerful efficiency, making it ideal for versatile outdoor lighting.

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    • Nightwatch-Series

      LED wall pack with vandal-proof design, weather resistance, and versatile outdoor lighting applications for durability and optimal performance.

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