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The LWRL | Waymark Luminaire is a versatile lighting solution perfect for diverse applications. In offices, it combines aesthetics and functionality, fostering a productive atmosphere. Schools benefit from its well-distributed light, enhancing learning environments. In parking garages, it ensures safety with powerful illumination. Stairways become showcases of contemporary design with precision lighting. Across commercial settings, the Waymark Luminaire is a statement of excellence, illuminating spaces with sophistication and functionality.

Waymark - 2FT - Angle 01
Waymark - 2FT - Angle 02
Waymark - 2FT - Exploded View
  • 7 years / 75,000hr Warranty
  • Linkable Design
  • UP to 50FT Placement

The LWRL | Waymark Luminaire redefines lighting with unique specs that set it apart. Its steel housing and heat-resistant frosted lens ensure durability in demanding environments. With selectable wattages, 0-10V dimmability, and a microchip-programmed light engine, it offers a tailored and consistent lighting experience. Shatter-resistant and backed by a 7-year warranty, the Waymark guarantees long-lasting performance. ET Damp Location and DLC Premium listings underscore its reliability. Illuminate spaces with innovation—experience the Waymark difference.

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Boasting an efficacy of 125LM/W, it ensures efficient and brilliant illumination. With continuous dimming (<10%) and precise control, adapt lighting to varying needs. The cold-rolled steel housing and advanced diffuser create a comfortable atmosphere, while purposefully distributed LED chips guarantee uniform light distribution. Operating in temperatures from 32°F - 104°F, the Waymark excels in diverse conditions, redefining optimal lighting performance with confidence.

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Emergency Driver

DLC ID DLC Class Watts Lumens Efficacy THD PF CCT CRI Voltage
PCOI7Q9L Standard 18 2500 125 15 0.9 3000 80 120 - 277Vac
P9FDS4DH* Standard 18 3125 125 15 0.9 3000 80 120 - 277Vac
PTNVEM3N* Standard 18 4375 125 15 0.9 3000 80 120 - 277Vac
PCO17Q9L Standard 32 4000 123 15 0.9 3000 80 120 - 277Vac
PYRLACMK Standard 32 4000 123 15 0.9 4000 80 120 - 277Vac
PIFCMFIA Standard 32 4000 124 15 0.9 5000 80 120 - 277Vac

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