The Ultimate T8 Upgrade: Dual-Selectable, Meets NSF Standards, Easy Access Dip-Switch

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This 25-in-1 Selectable Wattage & CCT T8 lamp offers incredible versatility for a wide range of T8 applications.


Here's How it Shines:

Reduced Inventory Needs: One lamp replaces multiple wattage options, minimizing storage space and simplifying ordering.

Adjustable Brightness: Tailor the light level to the specific needs of the space. Use lower wattage for tasks requiring less light and higher wattage for brighter environments.

Tunable Ambiance: Switch between warm, neutral, and cool white to create the desired atmosphere.


Universal Use Cases for T8 Applications:

Offices and Workspaces: Fine-tune brightness and color temperature to promote focus and adjust for individual preferences.

Retail Stores: Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in customer areas, while using cooler light to highlight products effectively.

Schools and Universities: Provide bright light for classrooms and libraries, with the option to adjust for computer labs or relaxation areas.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Select cooler temperatures for task lighting in exam rooms and warmer tones for patient comfort areas.

Warehouses and Industrial Settings: Opt for high wattage for task areas and lower wattage for general illumination.

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This lamp offers more control that most T8s in its class with its impressive dual-selectable options. Easily access the two dip-switches including 5-WATTselect (8W | 10W | 12W | 15W | 18W) and 5-CCTselect (27K | 30K | 35K | 40K | 50K) located on each end of the lamp respectively. Even after installation, the dip-switches can be accessed and changed without removing the lamp first.


Features Type
5-WATTselect 8W | 10W | 12W | 15W | 18W*
5-CCTselect 2700K | 3000K | 3500K | 4000K | 5000K*
smarT8 Type A+B (U5) compatible with UL-A and UL-B Bypass
Easy-to-Install Dip-Switch on Exposed Side Once Installed for Easy Accessibility
UL Damp Locations Suitable for Enclosed, Dry, and Damp Locations
Construction Full-Length Frosted Glass Lens with 320° Light Distribution with Zero Pixelation
Compatibility Double-Ended Bypass | Compatible with Shunted and Non-Shunted Lamp Holders
NSF Certified All Glass with PET Coating Meets NSF Standards for Food Safety
Universal Voltage 120-277V Input Voltage
Superior Warranty Up to 7-Year, 50,000 Hrs
* NOTE: Factory default setting
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  • >0

The Type A+B U5 CW5-Series versatility is enhanced by its universal 120-277V input voltage, high power factor (>0.9), and impressive efficacy of up to 146lm/W. It offers up to 2,350 Lumens with >80 CRI for efficient, high-quality lighting in various settings. Ballast Current (@120V)


Model Length WATTselect (W) CCTselect (K) Efficacy Lumens
LT8F4CW5/U5 4FT 8W
Up to 146lm/W Up to 2,350lm
* NOTE: Factory default setting

Product Dimensions

Dimensions may vary, depending on the accessories.

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