Featuring a driver-on-body design with a single-piece light body aluminum alloy shell for optimized passive heat-dissipation, the Icarus-II replaces up to 1000W MH.

This luminaire is small and easy to install, takes up far less space than traditional round high-bays and demands less packaging.  This is through and through, an eco-friendly product.

  • 7Yrs, 75,000Hr
  • Replaces up to: 1000W MH
  • 50FT+ Placement

Easy Installation &
Low Maintenance Cost

This versatile round high bay features an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens and a rugged industrial design with an aluminum alloy body that provides the necessary resistance for most industrial applications.

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Optional Accessories

Build the best version of this product with our accessories, specially designed for Icarus-II

Product Dimensions

Dimensions may vary, depending on the accessories.

Ideal for Industrial and Entertainment Facilities

Ideal for Industrial and Entertainment Facilities

Icarus-II is ideal for interior spaces. Due to its effortless installation, its easy maintenance, and its lighting level, Icarus-II is optimal for interior spaces such as warehouses, gymnasiums, natatoriums, production facilities, and, storage facilities. Icarus-II is versatile enough to fit all of these facilities and more.

  • Warehouse & Storages
  • Gymnasium
  • Production Facilities

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Motion Sensor

Emergency Driver

Product DLC ID DLC Class Controls Watts Lumens Efficacy THD PF CCT CRI Voltage
LRHB3W-S4-UA30R S-P2IWDB Premium Yes 147.7W 19,566LM 132.45lm/W 9 0.97 3000 84 120 - 277Vac
LRHB3W-S4-UA35R S-1K5DTU Premium Yes 213.7W 26,807LM 131.59lm/W 9 0.97 3024 84 120 - 277Vac
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