The Sensible Standard for Field-Installable Occupancy Sensors

  • Office Space
  • Parking Garage
  • Schools

Single-pin design allows for quick and simply in-field installation.  Available in microwave or passive-infrared (PIR).

  • 7Yrs, 75,000Hr
  • Linkable Design
  • 25FT+ Placement

The Vanguard is available with an EM driver that can provide 90 minutes of power in case of emergencies.


Integrated bi-level microwave sensors are available for versatile control over your lighting environment.


Suspension mount comes standard with the Vanguard.  But daisy-connection plates are also available for surface mounting in continuous runs.


Input Voltage: 1-10V, Bi-Level Control

Dimming Control Output: 0-10V, 25mA

Lensing: IP66 for PIR Detection

Detection Area: 360°, max coverage 60' diameter

Operating Temperature: -40°F - 158°F

Operating Height: 40FT max.

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